We offer a range of hand made treats in store but we also create beautiful, bespoke vegan occasion cakes

Please note; we require a minimum of 7 days notice for all cake orders

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Cake Sizes

3 Layer 5"

Serves approx 10.

3 Layer 6"

Serves approx 15-20.

3 Layer 7"

Serves approx 20-30.

3 Layer 8"

Serves approx 30-40.




Party Cake

Vanilla or chocolate cake with smooth butter cream frosting and sprinkles. Frosting colour of your choice.

Add water colour design = $10

5" = $55

6" = $75

7" = $105


Cookie Dough

3 layers of chocolate cake filled with raw cookie dough. Decorated in chocolate butter cream and freshly baked cookies.

5" = $65

6" = $85

7" = $120


Orange and Raspberry

Light, zesty orange cake filled with raspberry curd and orange frosting. Decorated with orange zest frosting, dehydrated orange segments and raspberry dust.

5" = $65

6" = $85

7" = $120


Walnut, Maple Syrup and Coffee

Dark chocolate and coffee cake filled with layers of maple syrup and cinnamon frosting and salted walnuts. Decorated with maple syrup frosting and salted caramel walnuts.

5" = $65

6" = $85

7" = $120


Choc Explosion

Chocolate cake covered with salted caramel buttercream, with a chocolate drip, chocolate sail, explosion of chocolate pieces, with gold details

5" = $73

6" = $92

7" = $140

Add gold leaf = $18


Lemon & Coconut

Vanilla cake filled with sour lemon curd, covered in coconut buttercream and decorated with mini meringues & berries.

5" = $65

6" = $85

7" = $120


Wedding Cakes

We love helping to create bespoke vegan wedding cakes to help you celebrate your wedding day in style without compromising on flavour.

Birthday Cakes

Choose from our range of ready-to-go designs or get creative and customise your cake to suit any special occasion.

Allergy Friendly

Allergy-friendly vegan cakes are what we do best. Our bakery is 100% egg, dairy and animal product free and we offer many gluten free products. 


Raw Cakes

We also create a large range of raw cakes, cheesecakes and slices. All our raw treats are vegan, gluten free and refined sugar free. Please come and see in store or give us a call to order a raw celebration cake. 


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